The AbsTracks Association is an association in the sense of art. 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. Our goals are the propagation of values, ideas and perspectives as well as the promotion of art and culture. In trying to attain these goals we build workgroups that elaborate projects.

We finance ourself through the income generated by our workgroups in projects, our membership fees and contributions by patrons. All our members work in a honorary capacity. If a project generates a profit we will reinvest it in our association's other projects.

Our name is a pun composed by the two words "abstract" and "tracks". AbsTracks stands for an abstract track, a track which is consciously chosen, different and maybe a little bit strange. With the presentation of such "AbsTracks" we would like to provide people with the courage and power needed to make their own way and to express their creativity and originality. At the same time we want to ask people to respect each other's originality and creativity.